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Chophouse is a grill house offering high quality dishes in a rustic but classy style restaurant. Our team at Buzz worked closely with the Chophouse team to create their new branding, menus and head up their marketing, appealing to the young adult demographic.


We were given the task to create the logo and branding, along with all the unique menus. The brand mark was given a distinctive shape combining the letter C and H to make the top of a cleaver, creating a recognisable symbol that clearly represents the restaurant’s style of cuisine.

chop house

branding $ graphic design $ marketing

industry: hospitality

instagram: @chophousegsy

"the team at buzz took the ideas and really created the wow"

market research revealed cocktails are a top factor in restaurant choice for our client’s target demographic

This led to the drink’s menu becoming a crucial part of the design process. Inside the very custom wood bound drinks menu, we included bold, vibrant illustrations paired with the cocktails and the origin of them which added an element of interest and individuality to the menu.

social media had an essential role in launching the restaurant

We used filters and layouts to create an appealing and aesthetic feed consisting of a cohesive colour palette. Promoting signature dishes and classy cocktails in this style ensured our client would see a strong growth in the restaurant, which to this day it continues to do.

What started out 2 years ago as an idea I had from a tile and some charcoal, the team at Buzz took the ideas and really created the ‘wow’.


Our logo and branding is so unique and iconic and the talent that went into creating our menus, especially our beautiful drink menu with its hand drawn illustrations is incredible. Thank you team Buzz!

client's response

cristophe gaultier

position: managing director

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