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Fat Rascal is a massive favourite of the team here at Buzz Creative Studio and so when we were approached by the owner, Steve, about a top-secret project he was working on, we were naturally eager to find out more. And what a top-secret project it turned out to be... Fat Rascal was getting a brother/sister but apart from the location that was all we had.

What came next was long chats and messages, and that was just deciding on the name Good Rebel! From there we had the fascinating task of creating a logo and branding including internal decor, menu designs, drink menu design, website, marketing for launch and even a whole new design for the Good Rebel 'Rebel Lager' which sits proudly on tap in the bar.

Needless to say there has been lots of very enjoyable tastings of the menu and Rebel Lager, you know, just to get in the right frame of mind for it all...

good rebel

branding $ graphic design $ marketing

industry: hospitality

website: website

burgers, brunch and beer, and thats just a small sample of the good rebel menus, much like all the hidden details you can find if you look close enough into the styling

creating a buzz in the marketing without giving too much away too early

We wanted the reveal of Good Rebel to be a surprise for everyone involved, not giving away too much too early and people being bored even before the official opening, so once again out came the trust characters to cause mayhem and mischief across social media. The little rebels...

cheeky and engaging promotion, just like a good rebel should be

All the content for the Good Rebel launch on social media was custom created with fun captions designed to engage local users. We wanted to tease samples of the menu and start showcasing the personality of the restaurant, owner and brand, getting everyone as excited as us for the opening!

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client's response

steve hopkins

position: owner

a unique and stand-out brand styling that is instantly recognisable

As part of the branding we created a series of custom characters which appear everywhere from marketing material, on the walls in the restaurant, on the takeaway coffee cups, menus and the Rebel Lager beer tap. The characters are fun and quirky and unique to Good Rebel.

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