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creative and bold social media designs made to stand out and engage audiences

When Guernsey Arts approached Buzz Creative Studio, they were looking to further their online presence and engage a younger and more varied audience to interact with the Arts. The Arts in Guernsey are incredibly diverse and hugely talented, and Guernsey Arts wanted to support these amazing creatives with content and coverage that does justice to the phenomenal work that goes into all areas on a daily basis.


Since coming on board with Buzz, work with Guernsey Arts ranges from daily social media content to videography to event coverage. In 2021 this partnership was rewarded with 2 w3 industry awards for best use of graphic design and also marketing with social media.

guernsey arts


industry: charity

instagram: @guernseyarts

1,500+ followers gained 

Working with the team at Buzz Creative Studio has given our social media presence a vibrant and clear identity, the structured programme ensures consistent awareness of our brand and activities and is achieving growth in our audience

client's response

russ fossey

position: head of arts development

award winning graphic design and marketing use of social media

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