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Being part of a Festival offered a creative and enjoyable project for Buzz which we are excited to continue into next year’s event.


Being emersed in the festival on the day gave us the ability to upload live updates to the Guernsey Together Facebook and Instagram accounts. This included setting up the site, behind the scenes, artist sets, activities, stalls and much more which gave our audience an insight into the festival that they may not have seen otherwise.


Our photographer being on site all day helped with promotional material for the future, capturing buzz of happy attendees, the varied venues on site and the drone content taken on the day displayed the success of the event through a bird’s eye perspective.


together festival

marketing $ photography $ design

industry: events

"we look forward to working with the team at buzz creative studio for 2023 and beyond to continue delivering first class design"

We worked with the team from Buzz Creative Studio to create some unique designs and social media content in the way of videos, photography and merchandise design prior and during Guernsey Together Festival.


They approached the work with enthusiasm, care and passion to bring our ideas into reality. We look forward to working with the team at Buzz Creative Studio for 2023 and beyond to continue delivering first class design.

client's response

alex locke

position: organiser

engaging reels to target a younger demographic and attract followers in the lead up to next year’s event

It was essential to gather as much video content on the day of the festival to promote and entice future festival goers to the following year’s event. The footage we filmed throughout the day was a mix of music, behind the scenes, and activities around the premises of the event. With this edited up, it produced an insight into what next year’s 2-day event will look like.

not only is merch a revenue stream, but a great way to build an audience and generate hype

In the lead up to the festival we sourced and designed merchandise for festival goers, such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and wristbands. These all  displayed the iconic identity of the festival and was a big selling point to the younger generation. It opened an opportunity to engage with our client’s audience with leaving a physical mark on each festival goer.

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