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The Natwest International Island Games is a culmination of thousands of people's hard work worldwide, and in 2023 Guernsey became the first island to host the games for a 3rd time. The last time Guernsey hosted the games was in 2003 so expectations were high.


For The Games we were tasked with providing a range of social media services for the Guernsey FA designed to engage the audience and keep everyone informed about both the Men's and Women's campaigns. This would include lots of on-site work for the week across 3 different stadiums.

island games

social media 

industry: sport

instagram: @guernseyfa

custom designs and imagery for social media

Before the Island Games began, we set about building anticipation and excitement among followers, to generate interest and foster a sense of community. Throughout the week, we provided real-time coverage of matches, results, and key moments. Using our dedicated team of social media managers and designers, we curated captivating content, including live match updates and exclusive images, to ensure that followers felt connected to the action if they were unable to attend in person.


Over the course of The Games, the social media coverage by Buzz generated a total of 788,000 impressions and 24,000 interactions. This encompassed likes, comments, shares, and other active forms of participation from followers, signifying a high level of interest and involvement.

The social media coverage provided for the Guernsey FA during The Games proved to be a resounding success. The coverage helped enhance the online presence of the Guernsey FA Men's and Women's teams, and engage fans, leaving a lasting impact on the social media landscape of the Island Games.

over 3/4 of

a million impressions

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