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social media content designed to be eye catching, in-keeping with branding and drive engagement

Every now and then a client comes along that really does not feel like work, giving you a chance to have fun on a daily basis and really push the envelope of what can be created in a unique and engaging way. We're all familiar with the on-air voices of Island FM but we wanted to work with the team to go further than just 104.7FM on the airwaves and conquer the world of social media too.

This has involved creating unique content driving additional engagement on the social media channels on a daily basis, while also supporting the on-air shows by publishing relevant and branded content online. We've also had a lot of fun creating the monthly James V Luke series of challenges which are exclusively online - everything from Go Karting, Wing Eating, Rowing, Pottery and much more!

island fm


industry: media

website: @islandfmgsy

monthly video series james vs luke

Each month a new challenge has been filmed for exclusive social media broadcast of James vs Luke, both indoor and outdoor (and at sea), at day and night and utilising multi camera filming, and drone aerial videography.

matching the on-air enthusiasm of the presenters with social media content has delivered a lively and vibrant feed driving additional engagement and attracting new advertising opportunities 

Island FM’s been working with Buzz for more than a year.


The team have supercharged our socials with creative, memorable content that connects with our audience and has helped drive Island FM’s Facebook and Instagram engagement to new highs.


They’re a pleasure to work with - and great value too.

client's response

james keen

position: pan-island managing director

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