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bringing the muratti final experience into people’s homes

At Buzz we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative solutions and delivering extraordinary experiences to our clients. One of the leading sporting events in the Channel Islands calendar is the Muratti final, and this year for the first ever time, both the Men’s and Women’s final were held on the same day.


Working closely with the Guernsey FA we were tasked to provide a host of services designed to captivate both the audience in attendance and those following the 2023 Close Finance Muratti online. Through our planning, website technology, and creative design, we crafted a stand-out suite of services that brought to life every aspect of the Muratti Final experience.

muratti final 

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The 2023 Muratti Finals were a memorable celebration of sporting abilities, passion, and community spirit, and Buzz was honoured to be a part of this incredible event

an unforgettable keepsake

We understand the importance of preserving memories and commemorating such an important occasion. Our team designed a visually stunning official match day programme that encapsulated the essence and excitement of the Muratti Final. From comprehensive team profiles to engaging player interviews, local articles, and eye-catching visuals, the programme provided fans with a treasured keepsake that would stand the test of time.

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