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Sarah Gale is a trusted nutritionist and hormone expert empowering and inspiring women to feel better than before. We were delighted to be approached by Sarah to give the company a complete re-brand from visual identity through to their website.


The new colour palette of pink and orange created a fresh bold standout look in the industry, with the navy blue complimenting these colours, adding a more muted, yet professional feel to the brand image. These colours changed the vibrancy and evolution of the identity of Sarah Gale. 

sarah gale

branding $ website

industry: nutrition

the goal of the project was to create a bright, intuitive, inspiring brand which reflects sarah’s values and messaging

Buzz Creative Studio has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They really listened to understand my brand and my vision of what I wanted to create.


I want to thank them for their patience for my many many questions and alterations. Nothing was ever a problem and I am delighted with the end result.

client's response

sarah gale

position: owner

the website required a strong clear layout that broke down information to make the journey through the site accessible and effortless

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