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When you meet a vibrant and energetic group like the wonderful Situations team, there’s only one way the marketing campaign will go – bright, colourful and fun. And that’s certainly how we approached the brief.  


The key part consisted of creating a collection of lovable 3D Characters to go towards their ‘Life is too short for the wrong job’ campaign. We wanted the characters to relate to the campaign to give a light-hearted approach to ‘finding the right job for you.’


Google ads and social media paid adverts have also been a huge part of the campaign for Situations. Focusing on a bright and distinctive colour style, we have brought a pop of colour for Temp, Executive and Permanent Role advertisements throughout their platforms.


marketing $ graphic design

industry: recruitment

website: website

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client's response

client's name

position: position

eye-catching rendered characters promoting job recruitment through light-hearted slogans

Characters have included Bertie the Hedgehog, who has been seen unsuccessfully selling balloons, and Sid the Sloth the laziest animal in the land, enjoying a relaxing nap on the hamster wheel he’s supposed to be powering. For Temps we have introduced George the Chameleon showcasing how the fantastic selection of Temps Situations has are able to adapt to any work environment.

emotive marketing campaign that people will relate to with a heart-hearted twist

bus advertisements, google ads and social content provided highly visible platforms for our client

See that 3D animal, lets make him bigger, the size of a bus should be big enough – and that’s what we did, making Sid the Sloth the star of the back of a Guernsey bus. This involved meticulous attention to detail as we accurately recreated the inside of a bus engine and managed to seamlessly slot Sid into place.

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