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Wynne and Wynne, one of the Channel Island’s leading hair salons approached us to create a brand-new website to help assist with the running of their business. They were especially keen to roll out a new online booking service, and setup an online store to bring the sales of products and gift vouchers 'in house'.


As a fresh new project for us we used a clear monochrome colour palette to present the website in a polished and easily operated format for users of all demographics.

wynne & wynne


industry: personal service

online store for easy, convenient customer purchases

Through adding a digital shop into the layout of the website, customers were now able to virtually purchase a sleek gift voucher beautifully presented in their own brochure wallet for the Wynne and Wynne shop. 


in a competitive market it is vital to maintain a strong online presence and offer the modern services customers have come to expect

online booking system improving the user experience and saving our clients valuable time

It was essential to introduce an online booking system into the website so customers could easily book online. This saved our client’s time as well as extending the professionalism of the site and ensuring their hair salon ran smoothly.

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